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Turning Conflict into Conversation

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Dutchess County

Mediation Center News


The Mediation Center of Dutchess County is pleased to announce that it has elected new officers to its board of directors.  Nevill Smythe, President, Jacki Brownstein, Vice President, Hooker Heaton, Treasurer and Larry Hertz, Secretary.  Members of the board of directors are Pamela Barrack, Valerie Belton, Rachel Flanagan Frost, Esq., Robert Haskins, Esq., Hon. Gerald Hayes, (Retired), Dr. Roy Merolli, Don Murphy, and Joan Pagones.  The Mediation Center, a non-profit agency serving the community for more than 30 years,  provides mediation, training, bullying prevention and the Coalition on Elder Abuse in Dutchess County.

Divorce Mediation

Did you know that mediation is available for couples who are separating and divorcing, as well as for post-divorce issues?

Divorce mediation provides couples a forum to make decisions about every aspect of their divorce including:
child custody,
child support,
marital assets and debts including homes, retirement plans,
and many other topics that need to be decided. 

Mediation is a process where parties can have a conversation facilitated by impartial mediators who will not make decisions, but help parties talk about what's important to them, become clearer about options and goals, and understand each other's perspective whenever possible. When parties make decisions, those decisions are documented in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  Divorce mediation begins with a confidential consultation appointment for each party separately. To make your appointment, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call call 471-7213 ext. 209.

Family Mediation

My husband needs more care and our family disagrees about what type of care he needs.

Since our son is now in school, the parenting plan we made when he was a toddler needs to change. We argue when we try to talk about it.

Mediation is available for families facing disagreements about child custody/visitation, care of a loved one, and many other situations that families face and need to make decisions about. Mediation is voluntary and confidential.

Family mediators are professionally trained, are impartial and facilitate conversations between two or more family members so that they can get clearer about next steps, make decisions and understand the other's perspective whenever possible.

To find out more about family mediation, e-mail Leanne or call 471-7213 x 209.